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One Redhead's Blog About All Things Makeup, Fashion And Beauty Related

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Collection 2000 Pressed Powder

Hey ladies,

Hope you're all having a great Thursday!
I love it when you wander round stores and end up coming back with little gems you never went in for in the first place!

This happened when I was in Asda the other day and as always I love looking at the comestics aisle! I came across a makeup range I had never really heard of before, Collection 2000.

I was in desperate need of some face powder and after seeing the super cheap price tag I thought I would give it a go.

The results I got I was really pleased with! The powder is ultra fine so easily blends into the skin without making the face look cakey or powdery and it has the added benefit of Vitamin E, UVA UVB sunscreen!

I got the palest shade (Ivory) but there are 8 other shades available to choose from to suit all types of skin tones. I didn't need to apply a lot and it controlled shine all day and kept my makeup staying put!

I have to say at such a bargain price and a range that isn't the most well known, it really exceeded my expectations. I think I may have to stock up!

Anyone else tried any Collection 2000 products? What do we think?

Love and Tickles




  1. I cant believe u've never tried collection 2000 before, glad u love the powder tho! I think its a great cheap brand of make up, think im gonna get some tomoro at the shops :)
    Lisa xx

  2. Wow i'm a little surprised you havent heard of collection 2000 before. You can get some quite decent bits from the brand. I really like the face powder too. The nail polishes are pretty good aswell =)

  3. you havent heard of collection 2000 before? it was like one of the original drugstore brands!!

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  5. ^ Ahh made a mistake and the perfectionist in me had to delete and make another comment!
    So here we go:
    Like the other girls ^ Collection 2000 is a very well known brand! haha, half of my make up collection is from them and I love everything :)

  6. Ahh I'm also shocked you haven't heard of Collection 2000.
    I love this brand (:

  7. i love the collection 2000 mascara and foundation! Cant beleieve you havnt heard of them :') i have the pressed powder too but didnt take much notice in the shade i got (stupid!) and its noticeable when ive got it on :( but for 1.99 i could go back and buy 4 :P

  8. Thanks for the comments girlies!

    I can't believe I haven't heard of this brand before now either but now I have I think I'm hooked!



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