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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Review on The Beauty Works Airbrush Tanning System!

Hey Girlies,

A couple of weeks ago I was sent an Airbrush Tanning System by the lovely Natalie at The Beauty Works to review!

The Airbrush Tanning System came in the form of a gun. Brill! I thought, this surely would mean no fuss and no mess in my quest to create a perfect, even, streak-free natural looking tan!

I really am a very pale girl (as hopefully you can see from the picture) so trying to get a tan can be quite a mission (as many other pale bloggers may agree!)

The set up of the gun is really very simple. The pack comes with two 100ml of tanning lotion. You pour the lotion into the clear base of the gun, so you can see how full or how empty it is, and you are ready to go! You need to charge the gun up for at least 6 hours before spray tanning to allow it work properly and spray evenly.

I sprayed the tanning lotion on my arms lightly at first and rubbed with a tanning mitt to blend in. Straight away I saw a difference, a lovely sun-kissed look. The great thing about the Airbrush Tanning System is it is so easy to spray as little or as much as you like to build the look you want to acheive, whether a full-on exotic tan or just a healthy sun-kissed look. I sprayed the lotion about 3 or 4 times on each arm very lightly and from about 30 cms away. After rubbing evenly over my arms and allowing to try which again was very quick, I had just the look I was after, it wasn't too much but really did look like I had enjoyed a couple of days in the sunshine and benefited with a really natural tan!

I have found with a lot of other self-tanning products, the scent that is left can be quite unpleasant but with the tanning lotion with the Airbrush Tanning System the scent was rather nice, and didn't have me rushing to the shower in order to get rid of the smell!

I definately prefer this way of self-tanning to gradual build tanning lotions which from my own experiance has left me with streaky orangey patches, as you can't always tell what it looks like until about 24 hours afterwards whereas Airbrush Tanning is an instant tan and if you do make a mistake it is so easy to rub off and start again. The Airbrush Tanning System says the tan lasts about 4 days but I found that the tan did remain a good week. Even though it was starting to fade, it still looked really natural.

After I had tried this tanning product, I got compliments from family and friends who all said it looked really natural, after I revealed to them it was in fact a self-tanning product.
The one downside to the Airbrush Tanning System which was not the way the product was but more to the actual manufacturers fault, was that the gun started leaking as I was using it! It may well have unfortunately just been the gun I was using but if this was to ever happen to a customer, you would simply send it back to The Beauty Works and they would send you a replacement!

So to round up, I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this product, it is the perfect cheat tan that looks so natural . Streak-free, no mess, no fuss and the added bonus that it smells good! This is definately my favourite way of creating a quick natural tan and will continue to use this in the future!

If you're interested in purchasing this product I really would recommend it! The price of the Airbrush Tanning System is £29.99.

Thank you for taking the time to read and hope you enjoyed this review!
Love and Tickles




  1. Hi

    This sounds really good! Im really pale and love it when ive got a tan. This would be excellent and it's a reallygood price. Might have to look into getting one!

    Check out my blog too if you want!

    Lisa xx

  2. Hey Lisa! Thanks for the comment and the link to your blog!

    Yeah I really enjoyed using this product and it's easy to use as well!!



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