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One Redhead's Blog About All Things Makeup, Fashion And Beauty Related

Saturday, 15 May 2010

4 Pad Lean Machine Compact!

Hey girlies!

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

I was sent a product to review from the fabulous Natalie at The Beauty Works. The 4 Pad Lean Machine!

The Lean Machine Compact is "specially designed to firm and tone muscles by electronically stimulating them to contract" while you simply do nothing! Perfect!

It came all packaged in a small "briefcase" with all the parts. This contained 4x Pads, 2x Jack Leads, 1x Conductor Gel (250ml), battery, Instruction Leaflet, Guarantee Card and the Lean Machine Unit.

After reading the Instruction Leaflet, I was ready to get started and the set up, I found, was really simple. It even comes with diagrams of where you can put the Pads. Abdomen, thighs, front and back of arms, lower back etc so you can really use it everywhere!

You apply a thin layer of the Conductor Gel on either the Pads or the skin itself and place it, with the straps, on the desired place of your body. You can then choose how high or low you want the contractions to be. As I have just started using the Lean Machine I had put it on the low setting but as I continue to use it I will put it on higher settings. Again this is really simple to use as it is adjusted on numbered dials. A green light flashes each time a pulse is sent to your muscles. It's nice and small so it is very easy to carry around if you need to.

So in a mission, when everyone is trying to get that bikini body in time for summer, I will be trialing this product daily for about 2 -3 weeks which is around the average time to see a difference to see if indeed I can look great for summer!

In my eagerness to get started, I have the pads on my stomach muscles now whilst writing this post! As my muscles are contracting it feels almost like a vibration and isn't uncomfortable. So I can go about as usual whilst it gets to work!

This was just an introductory post but I will be giving you all an update in a few days time so watch this space!

Love and Tickles



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